Pictures of the hodgetwins parents

Pictures of the hodgetwins parents

Several people have come to regard the internet as a veritable tool capable of transporting an ordinary man on the street to stardom within a very short time. Thus, many have been having a jolly ride to fame on the wings of numerous social media platforms and Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge otherwise known as the TheHodgetwins are no exception. The twins have succeeded in establishing themselves in the world of showbiz through their fitness tips, comedic commentary, and relationship advice.

Nobody knew about the duo until their first YouTube channel surfaced in when they commenced sharing videos on current life events and fitness. You can say that the Hodgetwins are like many other twins as they have a penchant for doing things together and this includes marriage. Both Keith and Kevin have long given up the single life to embrace matrimony. For Keith, his marriage appears to be blissful as he is slowly inching towards a couple of decades and still going strong.

As for the other twin Kevin, he is equally enjoying marital bliss with his partner. Though Kevin is quite unlike his twin brother, as he prefers to keep facts about his marriage away from the prying eyes of the media.

However, it is believed that his marriage has also lasted for many years just like his twin. Who are their spouses and when did they tie the connubial knot? Other details about their marriage are not currently available but the couple has welcomed three kids since they became husband and wife. Their union seems to be on the right footing as they never fail to radiate joy and fulfillment whenever they make a public appearance. On the other hand, Kevin is averse to bringing any info about his spouse and kids to the public realm.

The twins especially Keith has a culture of updating fans about their family and love relationship on social media. An update came from Keith in Septembersaying that his spouse Elizabeth just acquired her American citizenship. In the same vein, similar info came from Kevin on the 22nd of December that same year, claiming that his own wife has been equally granted American citizenship.

Meanwhile, Keith never misses an opportunity to show love and care to his wife and children, whose photos he constantly flaunts on social media.

Read Also: Who is J. The celebrity twins strongly believe that the major reason for their enduring relationships is mutual communication which has helped them in keeping the home front together. The Hodgetwins are presently enjoying happy family life with their wives and kids. More so, their love for having a large family is believed to have come from their experience as children, growing up in a family of four kids. They were the youngest members of the Hodge family with two older siblings, their older sister goes by the name Rosalyn Hodge but there is also an older brother whose name has never been mentioned.

Answers Africa. What is His Net Worth? Who is Cory Booker? Here Are Facts.Lipstick Alley.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Apr 19, 1. So apparently in reaction to the many black men who were racially harassing the HodgeTwins by saying they weren't black but mixed, they decided to do a DNA Ancestry test.

I wonder if their light skin and eyes are just a coincidence. Thanks x 3 Disagree! Apr 19, 2.

pictures of the hodgetwins parents

Thanks x 10 Skeptical x 1. Apr 19, 3. Their voices are reaaaaaaally annoying. Thanks x 8 LOL! Apr 19, 4. Skeptical x 4 Thanks x 2 LOL!

Apr 19, 5. I hate when people try to police blackness. They look biracial to me but they also have more predominantly black than white features. Also since race is a social construct, how they are treated by the general public will have a lot to do with how they identify. So if most of the world sees and treats them like a black man then then why are you trying to minimize their experience?

It's not like they're a rachel dolezal. Same thing applies to Obama. He's biracial but in the eyes of the public he looks black and is treated as such. It's not that complicated. Thanks x Apr 19, 6. Apr 19, 7. I'm more surprised that they aren't biracial! They actually look more white than black to me. Thanks x 5 WTF!

The Hodge Twins

Apr 19, 8. Thanks x 2 Disagree! Apr 19, 9.Kevin and Keith Hodge form the social media comedy and fitness duo known as the Hodge Twins. The brothers started their comedy channel in and gradually adapted their content to include fitness videos and relationship advice.

The Hodge Twins have four YouTube channels with a combined following of over 5 million subscribers.

Inside The HodgeTwins’ life, their parents and wives

The Hodge Twins are as popular for their funny content as they are for their Conservative political views. It forced the twins to shoplift to get enough food.

pictures of the hodgetwins parents

Despite the hardship, the boys made it through school and went to college to study finance. They joined the United States Marine Corps, and after getting out, they took up several jobs in California. Kevin and Keith worked in insurance and as undercover security guards. Keith came up with the idea of starting a YouTube channel and pitched it to Kevin. The twins had a background in improv comedy, and they used their humor to gain fans.

Their following took a hit after making their political inclinations public, but it picked up again as they diversified their content to include fitness videos and relationship advice. Keith and Kevin are both married to women of Mexican descent.

Kevin is married, but he keeps the details about his family life private. The Twins appreciate their wives for looking after their families when they are on comedy tours. In JuneKeith and Kevin posted photos of their wives on Facebook and attached the following caption :.

Love you. Her channel currently has 67K subscribers and Dana added:. That is not going to change over your opinion over him.Before discovering their forte as YouTubers, the Hodgetwins had worn many hats working in several industries from the Marine Corps to being security guards. The duo also made a brief stop with an insurance company, but then, they never experienced job satisfaction until when they dropped their debut video on YouTube.

Today, the Hodgetwins Kevin and Keith have gained massive popularity as stand-up comedians, YouTubers, fitness pros, as well as entrepreneurs with their own clothing and supplement lines. The twins are equally the brain behind the Hodgetwins gym. Their videos are known to be informal and hilarious, it has thus far amassed over million views.

Although they became popular as the Hodgetwins, their real names are Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge, they are American nationals born on the 17th of September in Martinsville, Virginia. The twins came as the last kids of the Hodge family with a couple of older siblings: a brother and a sister, though no one knows their names or profession. Keith and Kevin had a rough time growing up in their native Virginia as the Hodge family was one of the poorest in Martinsville.

Being caught in the act on several occasions was something they were not proud of as the stigma followed them around. Their situation set the fire of ambition burning in them from a very young age.

They vowed to be successful in life and thus began working towards it. More often than not, the duo would make references to their unideal past in their comedy act. The burning ambition to be successful took the Hodgetwins to the American InterContinental University, they graduated with degrees in Accounting and Finance. Before joining the long list of successful men and women who have created a niche for themselves with the aid of the internet, Keith and Kevin tried their hands at other professions.

At a certain point in their lives, they were employed by an insurance company. Sources have revealed that it was during their days in the insurance company that the duo started making videos and uploading them on YouTube. However, it was taken as something on the side until they were convinced to quit their jobs by the massive number of views that followed. Thus, the two decided to take the internet by storm and commenced making videos on YouTube as their full-time job.

Their channel evolved and later began to focus on comedy with commentaries on burning issues in the country, depicting the interest of the common man.

As fame beckoned, the Hodgetwins assumed an advisory role, proffering advice in a plethora of areas like family and relationships. Upon realizing the influence of the internet on people, the twins proceeded to launch other channels on YouTube, diversifying into fitness and acting. Presently, they have been quite busy with several comedy tours which have enhanced their popularity to a greater extent.

At a certain point in their career, the duo met the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, nothing is known about their dad but it is common knowledge that their older siblings took care of them during their formative years. In addition to having an intimidating muscular build, the Hodgetwins are quite tall, standing at a great height of 6 feet 3 inches with suitable bodyweights billed around 98 kg. The details of their other body measurements are not known but it is known that the two take good care of their bodies.

On a daily basis, they consume to grams of protein. The twins equally incorporate their children into their daily dietary plan, ensuring that they too eat healthy meals. The duo sport dark brown eyes and black hair. Answers Africa.

What is His Net Worth? Who is Cory Booker? Here Are Facts.Hodgetwins is the term acknowledged as the twin brothers of Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge who are famous YouTubers and vloggers. Instead, they carved their dazzling path through which they tasted the flavor of success and immense fortunes. Keith tied his nuptial knot with his BFF, Elizabeth on 31 May and is now relishing the married life for nineteen years. In the period of nearly a decade long married life, Keith and Elizabeth have welcomed two children.

Kevin Hodge also leads a married life. However, the information about his wedding, wife, and children are behind the bushes. Keith and Kevin usually update about the relationship with life-partner on social media. Back in SeptemberKevin wrote that his wife got American citizenship whereas Keith posted the same story relating his wife on 22 December of the same year.

Similarly, Keith never misses portraying his love and harness to his family members along with his son and a daughter. As of now, they live together with their wives and children leading a happy family life. The Hodgetwins updates the videos and tutorials regarding fitness and bodybuilding. As per socialblade. They also have an online clothing line with several outfits and wear products.

Kevin enrolled himself as a comedian and also appeared in the comedy The Last of the Great Romantics. In the video, the twins slammed Cardi B for interviewing the presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

They said that politics isn't her thing.

Wives Checking Up On Hodgetwins Compilation (REACTION) !!

She should shut up and rap. Rap and Strip. That's her thing. That's what she is good at.Pictures Of The Hodgetwins Parents.

HodgeTwins are 58% Black African 42% White European

These two brothers are able to establish themselves in the entertainment industry with their comedic commentary, fitness tips, and relationship advice on their YouTube channels TheHodgetwins, TwinMuscle. Subscribe to get the latest updates and special offers.

Tue Nov 10 Chad Daniels. They have earned a respectable 2. Please send all correspondence or Contributions to: Diamond and Silk S. More so, their love for having a large family is believed to have come from their experience as children, growing up in a family of four kids.

All this after they spent a few years in US Marine Corps. They have an athletic body with dark brown eye color and black hair color.

According to an obituary posted on Legacy. YouTube Success and Fitness. He works alongside his identical twin brother Kevin Hodge since they served in the Marine Corps. But Pelosi nearly toppled over, quickly motioning for an aide to help her to her feet.

Add your own style and personal touch to a face mask you'd be proud to wear in your grocery store!. The no-knock warrant. If there is a sign that clearly states no photography is allowed at the meet and greet, do not ask for a picture anyway or try to sneak a photograph with the celebrity.

They were born and raised in Virginia in extreme levels of poverty. She married the Rev. The Hodgetwins are taking the show on the road! For years, you have watched them on their various YouTube channels and laughed until your stomachs were in knots. Support our battle to defend freedom from global tyranny.Pictures Of The Hodgetwins Parents.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media. These handsome siblings have quickly earned a cult following and have a global appeal. More so, their love for having a large family is believed to have come from their experience as children, growing up in a family of four kids. Growing up in a family with four children; they have an older sister and an older brother.

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pictures of the hodgetwins parents

During that time, Natasha's close friends posted the pictures of the newlywed couple on their Facebook. As fame beckoned, the Hodgetwins assumed an advisory role, proffering advice in a plethora of areas like family and relationships. Family and friends called her Nannie. All this after they spent a few years in US Marine Corps. Just imagine that same reaction…doubled! If you thought they were funny online, just wait until you see them in the flesh.

Updated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage. Raised in southern Illinois, Jaimee Paul found herself falling in love with the soulful sounds of gospel, blues and jazz.

Candace Owens, the GOP darling for the moment, has officially resigned as communications director for Turning Point USA, the right-leaning organization aimed at educating college students about. The Hodgetwins have been dominating the fitness genre side of YouTube since their arrival in Videos and photos show people looting a Target store in Minneapolis amid protests against the death of George Floyd, who died after a police officer knelt on his neck.

They show the horror we should not flinch from showing and vowing not to forget. It is one because pervaded by one Spirit. Sep 01, Early years.


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