Petrophysics course

Petrophysics course

This course is a "must have" for anyone working with the subsurface within the petroleum industry. Well logging provides data to answer fundamental questions regarding petrophysical, geological and mechanical properties required to evaluate, develop and produce a field. The course covers fundamental petrophysical concepts and equations. Through exercises and projects the students will learn how to interpret well log data.

Ingress: The course gives insights into the role of borehole measurements in the search for and evaluation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. The course covers a number of measurement methods, and how these are used to determine important rock parameters such as porosity, permeability, water saturation and the rock types along the borehole.

petrophysics course

Knowledge: The students learn to understand and to use the following: - Fundamental petrophysical concepts and equations. How does the composition of the rock influence the measurements we do and important petrophysical parameters like porosity, permeability and saturation.

Skills: - The students are expected to understand and to make simple interpretations of the more common log measurements that are made in a borehole. They should be able to determine the main lithologies and estimates of porosity, saturation and permeability, and which fluid types, water, oil or gas, are present in the formations.

General competence: - During group work the students learn to cooperate and to take responsibility for their part of the assignments given.

Lectures and group work. Compulsory exercises. The course is given in English if international master's students attend the course.

If there is a re-sit examination, the form of assessment may be changed from written to oral examination. Exam registration requires that class registration is approved in the same semester.

Compulsory activities from previous semester may be approved by the department. Compendium, lecture notes, correction charts. Well log data from the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Term no. Location: Trondheim. Department with academic responsibility Department of Geoscience and Petroleum.

For more information regarding registration for examination and examination procedures, see "Innsida - Exams". Course content This course is a "must have" for anyone working with the subsurface within the petroleum industry. Learning outcome Ingress: The course gives insights into the role of borehole measurements in the search for and evaluation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Learning methods and activities Lectures and group work.

Further on evaluation If there is a re-sit examination, the form of assessment may be changed from written to oral examination. Specific conditions Exam registration requires that class registration is approved in the same semester.Basic understanding of geology and well logging. You must be logged in to post a review. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Don't have an account?

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Can you spare four minutes to fill out our survey and let us know how we can best keep helping you? Take the survey! Request a free quote. Show findcourses. Petrophysics Training Courses Short courses and continuing education in petrophysics. Find petrophysics training courses in a classroom near you, online, or available on-site at your location. These short courses for petrophysicists will introduce participants to the latest research and standards in this field.

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Lowest price.In-House Request or Enquiry. This course will teach you how to evaluate reservoirs and quickly identify flawed results. Robust reserves and simulation are achieved by the logical, systematic integration of all relevant data. Integration will often replace the need to run expensive, irrelevant logs, explain apparent data conflicts and provide the correct answer faster, strengthening your position as an operator.

By contrast, stand-alone log analysis often results in wrong decisions and weakens your technical position in the eyes of your partners. This course, evolved over 25 years of petrophysical consulting and lectures, demonstrates how robust answers are achieved by the logical integration of diverse data. Integrated Petrophysics was the first public petrophysics integration course Jan and remains the Benchmark Petrophysics Course today. Designed for you, if you are How we build your confidence This course is a condensed package of powerful integration techniques.

Its Comprehensive Manual and Petrophysical Toolbox provide a lasting benefit to the novice and experienced student alike. Basic economics are addressed first by Quick Look Log Analysis for operations and then by a disciplined, logical process to optimize the interpretation of Porosity, Saturation, Permeability and Fluid Contacts — the basis of Reserves.

Low Contrast Low Resistivity Pay, clastics and carbonates are evaluated by straight forward integration techniques which outperform log analysis with direct, plain to see results. Register now. Topics Petrophysical objectives. Physics vs. Concepts of data hierarchy and calibrations Quick Look Operations log analysis.

petrophysics course

Logging tool review. How do I use it? Learned a lot, liked the practicals. Good applied practical approach. I am glad that I choose this course!NExT's curriculum provides courses for technical and nontechnical professional at all experience levels. The course matrix below organizes the curriculum by course focus and competency level. You can use this matrix to find the right course and build your training plans.

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Technical Forum Login. Course Offerings. Petrophysics Courses. Click here to visit Forum. Advanced Formation Evaluation in Carbonates. Advanced Production Logging. Advanced Formation Evaluation in Sandstones. Advanced Reservoir Monitoring.

Petrophysics Courses

Applied Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring. Advanced Integrated Reservoir Analysis. Intermediate Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring. Advanced Core and Log Interpretation. Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation. Basic Logging Methods and Formation Evaluation.

Petrophysics Aspects of Shale Reservoirs. Formation Pressure Evaluation: Acquisition and Interpretation. Integrated Reservoir Analysis. Basic Reservoir Monitoring. Statistics and Petrophysics. Basic Production Logging.Back Course Filters. Design Thinking. Interior Design. Digital Media. Game Design. Graphic Design. Video Games. Dramatic Arts.


Music Theory. Visual Arts. Art History. Fashion Design. Business Intelligence. Human Resources. Business Development. Business Analysis. Six Sigma. Supply Chain. Corporate Finance.

Financial Accounting. Personal Finance. Risk Management. Operations Management. Project Management. Strategic Management.We help you solve problems! Difficult or "impossible" jobs preferred. Also Specialist Petrophysical Training. However, the Covid outbreak and consequent border and gathering restrictions mean that a visit to Calgary is impossible. We are consequently reconstructing our Saturation-Height course for online delivery with a live Instructor on or around the same dates.

Details to follow. Check them out at our Training page here. This course was sold out weeks in advance and feedback has been excellent. These courses have both received very favourable comments owing to their content and enlivened delivery using two experts in the room throughout. Currently closed courses being planned for the Middle East in Q4 and Australia again in Q3 We are a Specialist Petrophysics Company with extensive experience working and integrating with other upstream disciplines.

During that time we have been priveleged to be involved in some interesting and challenging projects from all over the world. We have also developed innovative solutions to challenges as necessary. Steve trained as a Physicist before joining the oil industry.

The Petrophysicist Limited has invited a few very experienced Petrophysicists to associate with us. We are also working with Colin McPhee on a number of Joint Training courses, where we both present and assist throughout. The Petrophysicist Limited has plenty of Specialist Knowledge to help you solve your problems and acheive your Technical and Training goals! Consulting - We love to solve problems!

Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation (PPH02)

What Is Petrophysics? Uncertainty - Simple Quantification of Uncertainty. This book is the most complete single source document available anywhere addressing capillary pressure measurements, saturation-height modelling, implementation and interpretation. It also includes detailed explanations and guides to show readers how to create and implement appropriate saturation-height functions. Uncertainty is addressed throughout the volume. This book will change the way you think about saturation-height modelling.

It will show you ways to extract additional information from your interpreted reservoir properties, providing new insights that will both save you money and allow upside to be recognised. For many petroleum engineers, this book will suffice to replace costly industry training courses on this subject, making its purchase a cost effective choice. The book is pages in A5 paperback, suitable for your briefcase or bookshelf.

petrophysics course

Sorry no digital version owing to the current ease with which any DRM can be broken and the book freely distributed. Note that this book is being self-published in an effort to return a reasonable portion of the sale proceeds to the author.

Industry experience reveals a clear need for improved understanding of capillary pressure measurements, saturation-height modelling and their implementation in reservoir modelling. Petrophysicists, Geologists and Reservoir Engineers are the primary audience.


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