Marvel strike force synergy list

Marvel strike force synergy list

Posted By: ljcool May 2, Not all of these teams are fully maxed out and I do use some in early tier Blitz battles to increase the multiplier. However, I have seen content creators, such as Khasino, use these teams effectively in high tier blitz. This team is great fun and provides some awesome synergy. I highly recommended this team if you are looking for some fun in blitz, or even if you are just looking for a good team to theorycraft.

Overall, an amazing team with awesome synergy that almost always gets a win for me. However, putting Wolverine in for some great damage and self-healing is a good replacement in my eyes. I am yet to lose with this team in Blitz, and they are nightmare for most teams. The next team is Kree Minions. Most of you will have either been working on this team or have achieved a decent Kree Minion team, as Nick Fury requires Kree Minions for his unlock.

Since their rework they are amazing! Not only is it a great team in general and will help in trait-specific raids, such as the Gamma Raidit will unlock arguably the best all-around team in the game! The only important thing is the placement of Cyborg and Reaper in proximity to Noble, as the Imperial Decree ability works best with those two. Make sure to place them adjacent to Noble!

Team Tier List

This team is great fun, the constant ability energy and healing makes for a sure to win Blitz team. An even greater perk is that this team is so good that you can even leave it on auto and I almost always win. Below are the screenshots of both compositions, you can choose either one depending on your availability of toons. If you do happen to have Thanos, he is incredible! I highly recommend the T4 or Orange Material upgrade on his passive, it makes Rocket go off constantly!

Between Gamora, Rocket and Star Lord, the damage is never ending, and the blitz matches only last for mere seconds sometimes! Finally, we have my favourite team that has never lost me a Blitz match since I unlocked them, even in tier 8. Of course, this is Nick Fury and his Shield Minions. This team has incredible synergy and Fury only makes them better. Some may prefer to run Operative instead of Trooper, which is completely understandable.

However, as we are only talking about Blitz, I do believe that trooper is the best for this game mode. Make sure you use the speed bar manipulation of some of the toons basics to get maximum efficiency! Until next time, keep on Blitzing! Marvel Strike Force. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Marvel Strike Force. By Arsenal Gaming-fans. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.One of the big questions surrounds how we release characters to be farmable via Campaign nodes, Stores, Orbs, or other methods.

Moving forward, our goal is to make at least two previously unfarmable characters farmable each month. There may be rare months when we fall short of this goal but, at minimum, you can expect one previously unfarmable character to become farmable on the first Wednesday of every month. As we enter February in a few days, the first character to become farmable according to this new schedule will be Namor, who will be available on February 5th. Additionally, we will also introduce farmable paths for a few more characters including the long awaited arrival of Colossus later that same month.

Following that, we are targeting to have a new chapter of the Villains Campaign out in March and a chapter for Nexus campaign in April -- those will also contain Orange Gear materials. This will be coming in the second half of February. By no means does this mean we're done with our goal of increasing the availability of Orange Gear -- we'll continue looking for additional avenues to give players access to more of these resources in the game.

The last change to Red Stars was made in v. Another thing the team is looking into is reducing the amount of time players spend in existing modes like Blitz. If these features pass muster, then expect to hear more about them in the coming weeks. On the feature front, there are several things that the team is working on to release in the first half of We discussed the Iso-8 system with you last year, and in October we ran a community playtest that generated a lot of great, constructive feedback that we took to heart.

Again, the ability to theorycraft and give players more agency over the choices made in this mode were two overarching goals for our team during its rework, and those were a direct result of community feedback.

Another feature we want to announce is the Raid Difficulty Selector. This feature allows alliances who complete a raid at a specific difficulty to increase the difficulty of current raids for added challenges and rewards. It will be applied to Ultimus 6 and Ultimus 7 at release, but we hope to use it in additional raids going forward. To that end, we will also be flattening out--and generally reducing--the difficulty of Ultimus 7 to create a better experience, and allow players to use the Raid Difficulty Selector to find their own sweet spot.

As ever, we welcome your help and ask for any additional information about how your experience has specifically changed in Ultimus 7 over time as we continue to look into the issue on our side. We recently were made aware of an edge-case bug with Black Bolt with the help of the community, and we are currently fixing it.

marvel strike force synergy list

Additionally, the community was instrumental in identifying a raid difficulty bug associated with Stark Tech in the past, which has since been fixed. Your reports can and do make a difference. We remain on the lookout for any other bugs that could be affecting the raid experience. We believe this will not only be useful for players in-game who are friends with each other who may not necessarily be part of the same alliance but also used as a tool to help players contact alliance leaders and ask questions about joining their alliance, and so on.

This is something the team is incredibly excited about and has been a ton of fun to play during development. The initial uses of this new mode will just be for friendly challenges between your contacts and Alliance members -- including the ability to draft a team from your roster and ban opposing characters -- and also as a useful tool to test tactics and team builds.

As we continue to iterate on this feature after its initial release, we look forward to improving it with new functionality that encourages competition and drops rewards. There are things happening in February that we initially wanted to happen over the last few months, which is why things may have felt a little light on content recently.There is a new threat in the Marvel Universe, but we hope that with our Marvel strike force tips and tricks will be easier to fight well.

When you start a mission you can choose heroes, villains, or a combination of both. Select the characters and move them to the screen on the left.

So you can see who are the strongest to form the team. This is important to make parts of the equipment. You only have to click on the piece of the character you want and it will tell you in which missions you get it as a reward. As we already anticipate you just have to click on the equipment you want and it will tell you in which missions to farm it.

There are six spaces, and once you fill them you will be able to improve each piece until the next tier. You will need gold and colored chips, but it is worth taking advantage of the training improvements. Do not stop making any event, usually, give new characters as a reward. Although look at the minimum level of the character, since you need to overcome each battle of the event.

There are many prizes simply for connecting every day. But if you also complete the achievements and daily goals, the rewards multiply. In fact, if you complete all the daily objectives nine times you can get Wolverine as a reward. Both Blitz, Raids and Arena are very useful modes because they allow you to obtain fragments. Ideally, you focus on a character for each mode if you want to speed things up. The challenges change every day, but try to always make the most difficult, once the supers you can do them automatically.

They are the characters that have a rank or distance attack, and that can attack one or multiple targets.

So you are interested in always having 1 or 2 blasters on your team and protecting them since, in the end, they are the ones that cause the most damage. So here we show you all the blasters of the game. They are the characters that heal or enhance the abilities of their peers. So you should always have at least one support on your computer. So here we show you all the support of the game. They are the characters that can take more damage and their skill set is devastating against their opponents.

So here we show you all the game controllers. They are the characters fight hand to hand, they bear more damage than any and can serve both to break enemy lines and to shield the entire team. Of course, they are the first line of attack. So here we show you all the brawlers of the game. They are the characters that can concentrate all the attacks of the enemy. Thanks to their ability they can prevent their partners from suffering damage, at least for a while. So here we show you all the protectors of the game.

We show you our selection of the best Marvel Strike Force characters by class. So you can form the best team with the best of each type of character:. His other two skills fill him the speed bar if they are used to finish with rivals, and his passive has a critical bonus. He has a great ability to avoid attacks with his stealth and can do KO at one stroke with his life attack.

Tech Gods - Seatin's Blitz Team Breakdowns #2 - Marvel Strike Force

With a thunderstorm, you can stun all your enemies and do them a lot of damage. Hammer throw can also do generalized damage between your opponents, and your passive also focuses on damage.Hi everyone, I'm Voltagesauce. You might have seen my beginners guide I posted last week. If not, and you're a beginner looking for a guide, here is the link:.

One of the topics that came up in Reddit comments was wanting more details on how to go get legendaries. The legendaries can be confusing for new players since it is not clearly explained how they work in the game.

This guide will cover some of the basics of legendaries and how to farm for them. EDIT: I also decided to create a discord server for beginners or anyone that wants to ask questions or talk about the game.

I'd love for you to stop by:. I will go over each of the legendaries requirements and where to farm them. It is unknown when these events will be available, so it is best to plan ahead.

marvel strike force synergy list

Each event is normally announced a week or two before it begins, which is generally not enough time to farm the characters you need. In general, the events for each character are months apart. My recommendation is to farm on your schedule for the legendary you want and not try to farm based on the estimated game schedule.

You may be pleasantly surprised when the character you want and have farmed for comes earlier than expected. There are times it might make sense to finish a farm to meet the games schedule as well, but in general I think it's a good idea to farm for the legendary you want next. With a few exceptions like defendersteams really need a legendary character to enable them to go from mediocre non-meta teams to the top meta teams in the game.

In general, legendaries have powerful abilities and stats, but a main reason they make the teams so powerful is because they have what are called "leadership abilities". These abilities are typically in their passive and significantly boost their allies. I will cover these in each of the legendaries individual sections. The requirements for each legendary are different, so the difficulty to farm for each character varies a lot.

This section covers the different ways characters can be farmed and the difficulty associated with that farming method. Blitz - Mostly people consider characters in the blitz store to be the easiest to get.

There are the most blitz credits available compared to other modes, all the toons are available in the store at any given time, and they are the cheapest. All the characters available in the blitz store that are requirements for legendaries are good targets. Campaign - Other characters are only available in campaign nodes. So the main resource to farm these characters is energy, but it's a slow farm because you are limited 5 attempts each day or use cores for more attempts.

Some characters have multiple nodes, which can speed up the farming.In honor of the leap year and the additional day in February, this week is all about new additions -- new additions heading to the Brotherhood of Mutants, Campaigns, and the Dark Dimension. First up, we're breaking down the abilities of a certain amphibious Mutant. The Brotherhood has long been a formidable foe in Arena and other modes, but recently two of their members -- Mystique and Sabretooth -- took their talents to the Marauders.

Toad is the first new member to step into the team and he'll be followed a little later by Blob. Mortimer "Toad" Toynbee is a mutant with superhuman legs, giving him the ability to leap long distances. He also possesses a prehensile tongue that excretes a toxic adhesive that he spits at enemies. As a member of the Brotherhood, Toad is a slippery Controller who lashes enemies with negative effects, clears their positive effects, and teams up with Blob for heavy synergy attacks. Commanders level 70 and above will need to assemble the following teams for these missions:.

To enter, your characters will need to be Gear Tier There are 16 total missions and there are trait restrictions starting on the 5th mission. Here are the required traits in order: Global, Cosmic, and City. The road through Dark Dimension III will be intense, but great rewards await those that overcome these relentless trials. For a full list of rewards, check out the in-game inbox message. Celebrate February's extra day with extra rewards in an extra special edition of the Ant-Man and Wasp team up event - back by popular demand.

We'll also have an Ant-Man and Wasp 2x character shard event and tech gear offers, in addition to reducing Wasp's character unlock requirement from 3-Stars to 2-Star. This day only comes around once every 4 years, so don't miss it.

Be a lover and a fighter in this week's Cupid's Battlefield Blitzes. Shore up your City ranks with this 2x City Hero Event where you can earn double the City Hero shards in their respective Campaign nodes.

With the new Heroes 7 Campaign, the mission nodes there will contain the rewards currently previewed for Nexus 8, and with additional orange gear drops. Following in March will be the new Villains 7 Campaign and the mission nodes there will contain the rewards currently previewed for Nexus 9, again with additional orange gear drops.

The character shards featured in the previous Nexus chapters will also be updated as a part of these changes. Nexus 8 is currently scheduled for later inlikely in April, and will likely have different rewards as the currently previewed items will have already been released. Because of this we will be removing these cards in the near future to avoid confusion. We will keep you informed of when the forthcoming campaigns will be released as we are able to lock in the dates.

As it exists today, the power curve between is too steep. To that point, the first change we plan to make to the Red Star system will be to address this disparity in power.

marvel strike force synergy list

The current stat bonuses Red Stars grant are:. These numbers will require significant testing time and are subject to change before release.Marvel Contest of Champions : Who's on your team?

Looking to make the most of your Marvel Contest of Champions team? This is our ultimate guide to the inbound and outbound synergy bonuses for each of the playable characters across all 6 classes based on tier, synergy partners, bonus levels and buffs such as increased HealthAttack and Critical Damage.

The more synergies you can form the stronger your team will become. Select a champion to get started. Abomination Science Partners: 8. Ant-Man Science Partners: Captain America Science Partners: Electro Science Partners: Hulk Science Partners: Hulk Ragnarok Science Partners: Human Torch Science Partners: Invisible Woman Science Partners: Joe Fixit Science Partners: 9.

Luke Cage Science Partners: Science Partners: Mister Fantastic Science Partners: Quake Science Partners: 8. Red Hulk Science Partners: Rhino Science Partners: 8.

Sentry Science Partners: 9.

Latest Updates

She-Hulk Science Partners: Spider-Gwen Science Partners: Spider-Man Classic Science Partners: Thing Science Partners: Void Science Partners: Wasp Science Partners: 6.

Yellowjacket Science Partners: 6.It is not possible to list all the superheroes and villains in MARVEL Strike Force: There are so many of them that you need to prepare 3 — 4 different guides even just for listing all!

But we can give answers to some of the questions that everyone is curious about. For example, which are the best heroes in the game? What are the things that make them the best? If you are wondering which heroes you need to focus on and which characters you should use to complete missions, keep reading: With this guide, we will give you the answers to all these questions. Well, which characters are better for this job and how many shards do you need for unlocking them?

Luke Cage is a tank you can get for free at the beginning of the game and he is a good tank until endgame, but you have to choose one of the following two characters for challenging missions and raids.

List of characters

Kingpin is a more difficult character to play because he does not have direct taunt skills. However, bodyguards he summons can be particularly effective at high levels. However, since she can be unlocked with only 15 shards, Hand Sorceress will be especially useful during campaign missions. Night Nurse, on the other hand, can be used at every stage of the game. Gamora is ideal for players who want to see high damage scores on the screen because she can make very high critical strikes.

Gamora, however, is a better choice for raid missions. Nobu is a handy character, especially for raid missions. You do not need to use him during campaign missions. Quake is one of the most ideal crowd control characters for almost every mission type, because she does AoE attacks and works like a debuff machine.

Hero and villain characters can be on the same team, but remember that some skills will be more effective on other hero and villain team members. For this reason, we recommend that you build your team entirely with either heroes or villains. Good luck on saving the world! BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher.


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