Jw elders letters 2019

Jw elders letters 2019

Of course you will not have missed out on how in the past year 'our own organization' has repeatedly turned negative in the media both internationally and nationally in connection with the policy on sexual abuse. I am writing to you all to let you know that I am worried, angry and sad. This is because, despite the fact that the Society has already paid millions of dollars in damages and settlements, the discreet Slave still does not want to acknowledge that they have a big problem regarding their sexual abuse policy.

It is alarming that in the Netherlands too the responsible brothers refuse to give openness about the fact that for years abuse files are withheld and any cooperation with the law is refused, in bitter weather of the whole 13th chapter of Romans. In the meantime, all of this has resulted in police raids being carried out at no fewer than seven locations in the Netherlands on November XNUMXth at, for example, kingdom halls such as in Dordrecht and the head office in Emmen.

In their own country this summer it became known that Jehovah's Witnesses refused in a case against one Samet G. How do ordinary sisters and brothers respond to this type of message? It has struck me that most of my sisters and brothers with all this information lapse into an uncomfortable silence or try to ignore it, when this subject is mentioned anyway, under the guise of 'having something more positive'.

Times have clearly changed. Where about ten years ago the same subject was almost always referred to the Babylonian fruit of the Catholic Church with almost cynical enthusiasm, both in lectures and at the coffee table, the subject now appears to be so poignantly topical, suddenly no longer an item to be.

The rare times that the subject is discussed, perhaps because of a recent newspaper report or a critical householder, it seems that most of our reactions can roughly be divided into four categories.

After I have described these four typical reactions, I will try to show why the reactions mentioned here are ultimately destructive and seriously impede an adequate approach to the actual problem.

Brothers and sisters, please break thesilence now, bring this topic up for discusion in your congregation and do not hesitate to enter into the conversation! Please help spread this letter to as many sisters and brothers as possible, maybe via Facebook or simply print it out or read it out.

Let us ensure that we can surrender the victims, the injured sheep among us, with love and care in this way.

jw elders letters 2019

He is critical of how Jehovah's Witnesses react to the media reports about sexual abuse and shows that there are also people in the organization who believe that the subject of sexual abuse should be dealt with differently. Blogs from the Speaking Witness express the personal opinion of the author. This personal opinion does not automatically correspond with the opinion of the board of Stichting Reclaimed Voices. It is a very nice letter. Unfortunately, I think Anton is right.

Letter of JW Disassociation?

At least a lot of strength, Speaking Witness! Glad that there are 'sheep' that do not just call "Meeeh". I believe this very thing needs change in the jws minds! My son was molested by a family member who was a jw as were we.The book mentions consulting other publications but says nothing about consulting the bible.

Happy is that slave if his master on coming finds him doing so! Truly I say to you, he will appoint him over all his belongings. The governing body going beyond this illustration to support their leadership position is also obscenely presumptuous and highly suspect. My question is, why is an announcement important? Whether or not the congregation knows this man was reproved should be immaterial; the sin itself and his actions since then are vital, or so it would seem.

Why is the number of people who know about it a determining factor in his credentials? How can the body of elders possibly determine who is to blame for a marriage dissolving?

How can they possibly know what happens behind closed doors? A spouse might need protection from the courts for financial support, visitation rights, medical insurance, and so on. A group of elders will share personal opinions, gossip, and even potential slander about two people and their marriage, without either one there to defend themselves or offer up their side of a story. Note that there are no instructions on what to do if the man says that yes, he has been involved in past child sexual abuse.

There is no direction to follow up and find out if the victimized child is still in danger as in the case of a son, daughter, or other close family memberor to notify authorities so they can investigate properly.

By saying that a husband can allow or forbid his wife from doing anything, she is relegated to the position of a child who needs to ask permission of the adult in the home. Why is there no direction to consider judicial committees in which this elder participated while hiding his sin?

Elders are told here to ensure that new converts understand this issue and are ready to risk their lives for this doctrine. Elders are also told to ensure that parents with minor children are ready to insist that their children be allowed to die versus take a blood transfusion.

Their lack of regard for life in this directive, and especially the lives of children and mothers, is obscene. Also, consider that elders are told to purposely, proactively ensure that their congregants, even elderly persons, are ready to die for this blood issue. As the point above notes, they are instructed to literally intrude into the business of pregnant women, as well as parents of young children, and ensure they know the demands of the Watchtower in this regard and are ready to comply.

You can also get infected through close contact with a person who has hepatitis — for example, by changing a diaper or through sexual contact. While someone performing a baptism should be safe, the lack of medical knowledge in these directives is astounding and embarrassing.

Unless the person being baptized has an open wound and the person performing the baptism comes into contact with that wound, there is little to no risk of passing HIV, hepatitis, or any such diseases between them, and especially not in a pool treated with chlorine or chemicals meant to kill harmful organisms.

That also begs the question of why this directive would recommend the person be baptized in a body of natural water or untreated bathtub water. That person would still come into physical contact with the man performing the baptism, and the lack of chlorine and other chemicals would seem to increase the risk of contamination! Having men performing baptisms do the same protects them properly, reduces the risk of coming into contact with any contaminant, and eliminates the need for an infected person to share private, delicate information with anyone.

Now imagine being a couple about to get married, maybe still in your late teens or early twenties, being asked those types of questions by a nasty old man in your church, and you get the point. I personally can think of only one reason. Consider this scenario; elderly persons must allow someone an adult son or daughter, grandchild, etc.

How is this elderly person a poor example to the congregation? What cases of attempted suicide would warrant disciplinary action from congregation elders? This is very vital to consider; what professional credentials do elders have to discuss suicidal tendencies in the first place, and especially if they feel qualified to determine that a suicide attempt should be considered sinful somehow?

For more information and advice from credentialed professionals on how to help someone thinking of suicide, please click this link at the National Institutes of Health and open the PDF file in your chosen language.Apr 16, by Doug Shields. I recently lost my Mother.

Several months later our family put an obituary in the newspaper. Is this seriously a recruitment process from them? They will then write individual letters to each person. This is usually done ostensibly to comfort them in their recent loss but the hidden agenda is that they are recruiting. They know that at times of extreme loss, people are more susceptible to their message than at other times of their lives. Both carry pretty much the same motive: Targeting emotionally vulnerable people in order to manipulate them.

Counting time is what Jehovahs Witnesses do. They do this because they have to report honestly and on the honor system the amount of time that they spend each month in preaching to others. This time report is of tremendous importance to individual Jehovahs Witnesses as well as their leaders. I hope this explanation has helped you to understand the Jehovahs Witness mentality and why they engage in this questionable activity.

I might be able to appreciate that you were trying to offer comfort in time of grief. But that is NOT what you were doing. You were proselytizing during my grief. Firstly, because you sent it to a church, where clearly, there are comforting words of Scripture that I happen to believe in my OWN faith. I suggest you pay them back. Thirdly, because the pamphlet you sent contradicts MY beliefs and tells me my mother is NOT in a spirit world with her Lord.

And you think that should give me comfort? What is the matter with you? No team sports, no celebrations, no singing liturgical music, no studying the great stories of Greek mythology…. You sent a letter to a church…a place that you would not even set foot in, because you believe it to be of the devil and it has all those evil symbols all over the place, like crosses.

Good luck trying to be one of thosesaved Witnesses some day. I would never do that. I have more compassion for you and I believe that our loving Lord will make room for all of us. So does my denomination. Yours, not so! No great works of art, no profound poetry, no operas, oratorios, or other music of profound depth. Your letters have emboldened me to speak my mind.

Bravo Melissa! Thank you for sharing your displeasure with all of us and please let me know if you get something back! If you would like to have Doug speak at your church, meetup or other event you can contact him here. It never sat right with me. This was a great post and a very well written letter in response to that Witness! My adoptive mother is one of those JW shut ins.

jw elders letters 2019

She writes these letters every week and expects me to take it to the mailbox. I now throw them in the trash. I also was guilty of writing these letters when younger and in the clutches of the cult.Click here to download my Letter of Appeal to Branch. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Most of the legal schmegal stuff here is over my head. This I do understand. I personally tried to find those conversations, while sifting out anything that smelt bitter or attacking.

I can honestly say I found more than I was looking for, which is currently challenging me. It would seem that there are a significant number of those like me, enough to require a cracking down so to speak. The most efficient way to close these conduits to most JWs is to identify, charge as apostate, and disfellowship the hosts of these discussion forums.

This means by doing nothing different, my real status all things being open and honest has changed. Eric four days ago I posted the following request on JWSurvey. However, that site held it in limbo until today May, Then I added to it and tried for a third attempt. No go with that one either. There was no response to that question from the site.

Anyway, it appears Survey just released my post today. The problem with that is that a new article was also just presented on Survey today, which means this post of mine will most likely receive very few views, as it is now buried in the muck, not only by the new article, but by other comments also.

jw elders letters 2019

Take care Eric. Have you extended your criteria for censorship? If not do you know why the post was disallowed? Thanks Messenger. The Org often refers to the mock trial of Jesus by the Sanhedrin as the epitome of prejudice, bias, representative of the abuse of power and how those in authority can set aside justice where it seems expedient and there is a desire to bring about an outcome regardless of the degree of injustice in the proceedings.

The Org publications have plenty of illustrations of this event with pictures of the high priest and others, depicted with their faces contorted in uncontrollable rage. They simply had already made their minds up! In this madness there is a voice begging for reason by a reticent Nicodemus whoseeking a fair trial for Jesus, asks the Sanhedrin to consider the following. John Motion no. This motion served as main impetus for the WODC and the research project. The investigation shows that there are reasons to believe that making a report is hampered by the closed nature of the community and the risk that the victim will be released.

A Jehovah's Witness writes a letter to all Jehovah's Witnesses in the Netherlands

The research shows that elders of the community are strongly focused on keeping the community together by reconciling the perpetrator and the victim. The result of the experienced way of handling the report is that this leads to secondary victimization.

Victims feel insufficiently heard, ignored, stigmatized and isolated. This is especially true with regard to children. As Minister for Legal Protection, it strikes me that so many vulnerable victims felt that they were on their own, had not experienced recognition, and had not, or only recently, found their way to justice and official aid agencies.

In addition, the board was urged to actively take up the recommendations from the report. Instead of focusing on creating more openness and recognition for the position of victims within the community, it denied the need for this. In the meantime, the board has spared no time, resources or effort to prevent publication of the report. However, in the summary proceedings that were submitted to that effect yesterday at the Midden-Nederland District Court, the administration has been unsuccessful.

This is independent of the possibilities that the government has in terms of legislation and official assistance to be able to take action against abuses.

Gordon Melton. The opinion, written in English, stated in the opening paragraph:. The authors state:. Examples of this are congregation field service, child mentoring programs, personal bible studies, Kingdom Hall cleaning, volunteer construction work, and even in the area of Scripturally-based discipline. Uitreksels van publicaties — Dutch pdf. Het Bijbelse standpunt — Dutch pdf.

Leave a comment. Filed under NewsScandals. Tagged as jehovah's witnesseswatch tower societychild abuseNetherlandsReclaimed Voicescourt case. Part One considered the history and powers of royal commissions in general. Report of Case Study No. It is unknown as to whether Bennett QC and Gibson are aware of this. Both Bennett QC and Gibson have been contacted and formally invited to comment on this.

The Supreme Court ordered the blood transfusion Download judgment. And so, to be here celebrating with all of you, well, I see just what can result from a dramatic and revolutionary court victory in the name of religious freedom. And, it makes me even more proud to know that what began as a fight for what is fair, led to a decision that has spread across the world to guarantee the rights of people of all faiths. Kingdom Support Services Australasia Limited corporate documents — pdf.

Filed under News. Winston Reginald Payne cessation date as company director: Allan John Wood appointment date: as secretary, continues as company director.A former Jehovah's Witness is using stolen documents to expose allegations that the religion has kept hidden for decades. The organization was concerned about the legal risk posed by possible child molesters within its ranks.

The letter laid out instructions on how to deal with a known predator: Write a detailed report answering 12 questions—Was this a onetime occurrence, or did the accused have a history of child molestation?

How is the accused viewed within the community? Does anyone else know about the abuse? Yet all this time, Watchtower has refused to comply with multiple court orders to release the information contained in its database and has paid millions of dollars over the years to keep it secret, even from the survivors whose stories are contained within.

Recently, he has begun using his own name. When I first met Mark, in May of last year, he appeared at the front door of his modest home in the same outfit he nearly always wears: khaki cargo shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, white sneakers, and sweat socks pulled up over his calves.

He invited me into his densely furnished office, where a fan barely dispelled the wafting smell of cat food. All the letters in the box had been stolen by an anonymous source inside the religion and shared with Mark. The sins described in the letters ranged from the mundane—smoking pot, marital infidelity, drunkenness—to the horrifying. Slowly, over the past couple of years, Mark has been leaking the most damning contents of the box, much of which is still secret.

Among the papers Mark showed me that day was a series of letters about a man from Springfield, Massachusetts, who had been disfellowshipped—a form of excommunication—three times. I was struck by the oddness of the language. It insinuated that the man had agreed to, rather than initiated, the sexual contact with his stepdaughter. In fact, she told me, she had been only 8 when her stepfather had molested her.

She was terrified, she told me. She remembers it as a humiliating experience. The letters make no reference to police being notified; the stepdaughter said her mother was encouraged to keep the matter private, and no attempt was made to keep the stepfather away from other children.

By the time the letters were written, the man was attending a different congregation and had married another woman with children; he is still part of that family today. Injust after Mark was born, Jerry and Susan were group-baptized in a swimming pool in Washington, D. Mark would show up to meetings at the Kingdom Hall with a briefcase full of religious texts.

As a child, he attended at least five meetings a week, plus several hours of private Bible study. He was taught that most people outside the organization were corrupted by Satan and, given the chance, would try to steal from him, drug him, or rape him. Mainstream books and magazines were considered the work of Satan.

jw elders letters 2019

The religion forbids celebrating birthdays, voting, serving in the military, and accepting blood transfusions, even in life-and-death situations.

Witnesses were encouraged to devote themselves to bringing more converts into the religion before the end of the world arrived. But piety, Mark noticed, did not always translate to morality. When he was 12, Mark became suspicious of a local Witness named Louis Ongsingco, a flight attendant who would bring home Toblerone bars for the local Witness kids and invite them to his apartment to act out religious plays.These congregation charities and their corporate structure will be discussed in detail in a follow up post on JW Leaks, along with copies of all internal documents and correspondence issued by Watchtower Australia to each congregation on how to set up each new legal entity and charity.

“Shepherd the Flock of God” (2019) Confidential Handbook of Jehovah’s Witness Elders

They should examine the contents of all sealed envelopes in the file to confirm that they contain only the documents mentioned in the Shepherd book, chapter 22, paragraphs The assigned elders should adhere to the direction in paragraph 26 when determining if the entire contents of the envelope should be destroyed. If the elders are not sure if a particular document needs to be retained, they should feel free to contact the Service Department for assistance.

Please ensure that all records kept in the file are in harmony with what is outlined in the Shepherd book, chapter 22, and our comments above. We would like the secretary to confirm with each elder that this has been done.

A Secret Database of Child Abuse

Over the past few months in Australia, various congregations, and Watchtower Australia have received written requests from individuals for lawful access to documents, including judicial hearing records, as held on them. These records as requested included child abuse records and personal records. The right to access your personal information and congregational records is granted under the Commonwealth Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.

See the link below for more information. The documents referred to in the above cited body of elders letter to be destroyed, as sent out by the newly formed CCJWA, are among the documents currently being sought for both criminal and civil cases.

As such the destruction of them may constitute the destruction of evidence. For the purpose of assisting individuals so as to protect information held on them, the body of elders letter sent out by the CCJWA, dated August 28,is available for downloading below:.

This includes:. Leave a comment. Filed under Leaked DocumentsNewsScandals. Tagged as boe letterCCJWchild abusedestroying recordsjehovah's witnessesprivacy rightsWatchtower Australia. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow JW Leaks. Skip to content. Destroying congregation records Over the past few months in Australia, various congregations, and Watchtower Australia have received written requests from individuals for lawful access to documents, including judicial hearing records, as held on them.

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